The flat top is done with electric clippers to cut the side and back hair to or near the scalp, and then more intricate cutting is done on the top hair to achieve a level plane. The flat top can be achieved in various forms or styles.
The Faux Hawk hairstyle is a great hairstyle for men with curly hair. It is so useful that even curly balding men can use it to their advantage and it is a hairstyle that fits in pretty much any sort of environment.
The Mohawk is a general term for a wide range of hairstyles which have one thing in common: a shaved head with only a narrow region of hair running through the center of the head.
A Shape-Up, also referred to as a Line-Up, refers to cutting around the hairline. It is usually done to take off excess hair. This hairstyle is usually worn by men, and it is sometimes performed when the hair is cut low.
Fades refers to the hair going from longer hair higher up on the back and sides to shorter hair lower down on the back and sides with the edge of hair growth at the nape of the neck tapering to the skin.
This is a short, layered haircut with a slight taper on the sides and back. A razor or shear-point technique is used to add texture to the top. The hair is styled with a bit of forming cream to add shine and hold.
This cut is a contemporary variation of the butch. The hair is clipped with a 1 1/2 blade all over and then faded nearly skin tight about half way up the head. The front hairline and sideburns are outlined and sculpted for a contemporary look.
Caesars haircut is short, mainly at the front. It forms a fringe horizontally across the forehead. The rest of wearer's hair is covered with lengths of 5 to 7.5 centimeters. Some men wear their hair even shorter than two inches, the back and sides are usually tapered.